Fabulous hair is always number one on our wish lists. While hair trends change with every season, straight, and smooth hair has stuck around for a while. 

Some of us are blessed with naturally straight hair, but most Indian women have wavy or frizzy hair, that needs a bit of taming.

There are lots of ways to get straight hair – both temporary and permanent. Here’s a list of options for women looking to get fashionably straight hair:

Straightening Irons

The easiest way to get straight hair is to use a straightening iron. This is best for times when you have a special occasion to attend, or before going to work and is a temporary measure. It is best to use a ceramic flat iron as it distributes the heat evenly.

Before you start, apply a light serum to protect the hair from drying out. Divide your hair in sections and flatten each section individually to get the perfect look. This doesn’t last too long, however, and may have to be repeated every other day.

Avoid using straightening irons too often, as too much exposure to high temperatures can strip your hair of its natural oils.

Blow Drying

Another short term solution to frizzy or wavy hair is blow drying, which works best on wet hair. You can get a blow dry at the salon or even do it at home.

Just like with the flat iron, apply serum to damp hair and divide into sections. Use a good quality hair brush, and brush out several times as you dry each section.

You can use a round brush to slightly curl the ends inwards or outwards for a neat look. Top off with hair spray to set.

Chemical Straightening Agents

If you’re looking for a more permanent solution, go in for chemical straightening agents. The process is also referred to as re-bonding of hair, or thermal reconditioning.

This way you can either get poker straight hair, or naturally straight hair (a procedure called smoothening), the latter being more popular these days. Strictly carried out at salons, this process requires the use of chemicals, such as sodium hydroxide and calcium hydroxide. It is usually done in one sitting that lasts about four to six hours, so you have to be patient.

It involves using a two part neutralizer to release protein bonds in the hair, and then each section is separately straightened out using a flat iron.

Re-bonded hair requires utmost care, especially in the first three days after the procedure is carried out. It usually lasts from around six months to one year.

Natural Remedies

It takes time and a lot of patience, but it is possible to straighten out wavy hair gradually using a few homemade natural remedies.

One method is applying a mask of coconut milk and lemon juice before shampooing at least three times a week. Coconut milk is very creamy, so avoid it if your hair is normally oily.

Hot oil therapies also work well to condition dry, frizzy hair. Oil your hair with castor oil or olive oil and wrap a hot towel around your head for 20 minutes, so the oil is absorbed by the hair. Wash off normally.

Another remedy is using a mix of mashed banana or strawberry with honey. Apply the mask and leave on for 20 to 30 minutes before washing it off. It should help straighten out unmanageable hair over a period of time.

Getting a Straight look is Child’s Play

With these options available, getting the straight look is child’s play. Just make sure to take care of your hair, avoid too much exposure to the sun, and remove split ends from time to time. Bad hair days will soon be a thing of the past.