As our lives become busier by the day, our sleep often takes a backseat. In our efforts to fit in as many tasks in 24 hours as possible, we are cutting down on our sleep, unknowingly inviting many health hazards.

Research shows that lack of proper sleep affects women more than men, and we become more prone to diseases such as Cardiac Failure, Type II Diabetes and Depression.

Most of all, bad sleeping habits have a knack of showing up on the face, making you look tired and haggard.

Sleep Affects Beauty

Sleep has a very strong influence on your beauty quotient. Most women, however, do not pay heed to the importance of a good snooze.

Lack of proper, uninterrupted sleep can lead to ailments like hair fall, dark circles, premature aging, skin spots and sagging skin. Not a very attractive picture, is it?

There is a scientific reason for this as well. While we’re resting, our body gets busy trying to heal cells and tissues in the body, including those in the skin.

By not getting the sleep you need, you’re coming in the way of your body’s restoration process, therefore affecting muscle tone and complexion.

Good Sleeping Habits

Good sleeping habits are not that hard to develop, you just need to set a routine and stick to it. Here are some sleep tips that will help you get a good night’s rest:

  • Early to bed, early to rise – make this your mantra. Don’t put off going to bed every night by squeezing in odd jobs at night. Your mind needs its rest and it will be a lot more alert in the morning, and give you more time to work. A good night’s rest will also help you concentrate better, hence improving your efficiency, and help you finish your chores faster.
  • Make it a point to clock in 6 to 7 hours of sleep every night. If this means sleeping at a fixed hour every night, so be it. If you’re groggy, you will probably not give anything your best shot, anyway, so conserve that energy. Try and go to bed by 10 pm every night so you can wake up fresh by 6 am.
  • Avoid watching television late into the night, as not only are you overworking your brain, you’re sure to wake up with dark circles the next morning.
  • Also, don’t underestimate the benefits of a power nap. If you can, during the day, close your eyes for 15 minutes while listening to some soothing music. It will instantly refresh your mind.
  • Make your bed comfortable and inviting. The pillows and mattress you use are a major factor in getting uninterrupted, pleasant sleep. The ideal mattress will reduce pressure points on the body and keep the circulation of blood going.
  • Experts recommend that the best way to sleep is on something hard but that doesn’t mean you should take to the floor. Look for a mattress that is not too soft, but is firm and keeps your back straight. Coir mattresses with foam linings mostly work best. The pillows too, shouldn’t keep your head elevated too much or it can cause strain to your spine.

You can try and cover up your ailments with cosmetics but in the long run, you’ll realize that if your body isn’t getting the rest it needs you will age faster.

They don’t call it beauty sleep for nothing, so go ahead and grab some shut-eye before you cause some serious harm to yourself!