Every conference meeting or party you attend, the staring eyes make you more conscious about your skin which shows large pores. You apply a cake of makeup but after few hours it worsens your face. Your pores are letting you down everywhere. It has now started affecting your self–esteem. You are losing on your confidence.

Don’t worry; here are few tips to get rid of the large pores.


Keep your skin clean as much as you can.

Cleaning your face does not mean washing it again and again with soap. Keep away from the soap. Avoid the soap completely. Remember you have pore skin. Soap will only worsen the condition of your skin and increase the size of the pores.

Regularly use cleanser and toner.

Use a foaming cleanser to wash your face. Instead of a cleanser you can also go for home made cleanser. Use milk before it is boiled. Take a small quantity of un-boiled milk, massage it with soft hands on your face for few minutes and wash off.

Avoid use of chemical products.

Do not choose expensive products from the stores available in your locality. You may end up choosing a wrong product which may harm your skin. Instead go for natural treatment. Follow the golden rule of cleansing, exfoliating, and toning.


Use un-boiled milk to cleanse your skin. Massage on to your face with soft hands.


Exfoliating means removing the dead cells from your skin, and making your skin breathe.  To remove dead cells from the skin, you need a good scrub. You can choose a product available in the market, or go for a homemade one. Masoor Dal (split red lentils) works best as a scrub. Make a paste of the masoor dal. Do not grind it completely. The paste should not be too thin. Remember you need to scrub your face with it. Grind it slightly, so that you can feel the particles of the dal on your face.


Use a toner for your skin. Use it after scrubbing, as it helps close the open pores on your face. Use a natural toner at made at home. Make a mixture of salt and butter and use it as a toner, for normal to dry skin. For oily skin, use rose water.