So much thought goes into what to wear for family lunches, evening parties and everything in between. Festivals like Diwali come just once in a year, and I love to dress in my best. So if you are dressing your best then why not groom properly.

Today I will share few guide lines for your makeup this festive season. It is the season of lights and brightness, so your makeup should be fresh and bright.

Basic Makeup Steps

  • Wash your face and then apply toner to cleanse your skin properly. Rosewater is a very good form of natural toner.
  • Apply a good moisturizer (with sun block) in the direction of your face muscles. A good moisturizing massage will make your skin supple and the makeup won’t flake after few hours.
  • If you have under eye dark circles or some blemishes, use a corrector / concealer on those areas and then start by applying foundation. Blend the foundation and concealer together.
  • Next step is translucent powder. Translucent powder helps in setting your makeup, don’t rub it on the skin but dab it gently. Also after the makeup, whenever, you have oil secretion, or  you want to re touch your makeup than dab the translucent powder. 

The above four steps are the basics, whether you want a natural day makeup or a glam up makeup.

Day Time Natural Makeup Tips

  1. This is simple kajal, liner, mascara and a lipstick or lip-gloss.
  2. Dark lips are very in this season, so if your whole makeup is very light and natural, than use dark shade on the lips. But no maroons / browns / burgundy, please. These colours are dark, but not bright, so they make you look a bit older. Use bright colours like red and coral.

Evening or Glamour Makeup

  • Start with eye makeup. Pick up an eye shadow which matches your dress or the tint (gold / silver). Than a dark eye liner border. If you love playing with colours than use a matching liner as well. Use a jet black kajal and mascara. Don’t go overboard with the eye shadow. If you have deep set eyes than avoid grey and similar shades for eye.
  • Next is lip colour. If your eye shadow is green or purple, use a basic gloss or lip color, but if you have done smoky eyes than my favourite is red lips.
  • Use a bronzer or blusher to give you a sheen on the face.

Festive Makeup Tips

  1. Be comfortable in your makeup. If you love light makeup, than do that even for evening parties, no harm. Just keep the basics in mind.
  2. If your outfit is too heavy then  keep the makeup natural. You don’t want to look like a Christmas tree.
  3. Wear heavy jewellery (again either earrings or necklace) if the make-up is light. 
  4. Always decide the tint of makeup beforehand. For example, if your saree has a gold border, so use warm colors in the makeup pallet. On such a saree, silver color make up will not compliment you.