Nothing compares to the fun in being young and carefree. But alas, every good thing comes with a time limit. Youth flies away before you know it and you’re left looking at photo albums, reminiscing about the good old days. 

We women especially miss the times when we didn’t have to worry about age spots, grey hair and menopause. But what happens when the horrors of aging start showing early?

Premature grey hair is perhaps every woman’s nightmare. It is like a painful reminder that our days of fun are nearing an end. The embarrassment is the worst, when you go from being called ‘Ma’am’ to ‘Auntie’. 

However, I feel we tend to fret too much over it.

Grey hair is an issue that has a solution. We just need to figure out what’s causing our hair to go white prematurely and we can fix it accordingly.

Why Our Hair Turns Grey Prematurely

Typically, hair starts turning grey when our body stops producing pigment that gives it its colour. Hair goes grey generally after we cross the 30 year age mark. A couple of silver strands here and there aren’t a cause for concern.

It’s only when you notice underlying greys, especially at the temple area or on the middle of the scalp that you need to take adequate measures.

The reasons for premature grey can vary from diet to genes, neglect or vitamin deficiencies. Some medical conditions such as thyroid also cause it to become white.

Here’s how to deal with the issue:

Hair Colour

 If your hair greying is cosmetic, you can opt for the most obvious way of hiding it, hair colour. You can choose between temporary colour and permanent colour.