Make sure you choose a colour that is conditioning, and is as close to your natural colour as possible, unless you want a completely new look. Highlights are also in vogue these days, and there are many vibrant shades to choose from.

You can also go natural and try using henna. Generally, a henna pack applied for two hours once a month works fine. You can add Indian gooseberries or amla, Acacia concinna or shikakai, and coffee powder to the mixture for a richer colour.

Hair Care

Sometimes hair greys due to neglect and improper hair care that causes conditions like dandruff or lice. It is important to use the right shampoo, at least thrice a week. Oiling and conditioning is an absolute must for healthy hair.

Remember not to use too many harsh chemicals such as gels and hairsprays, on your hair.

Steer clear of blow drying or straightening your hair too often as too much exposure to such high temperatures will strip your hair of its essential oils.

Get a haircut every 2-3 months to keep growth in check. You will also need to monitor your diet and add more protein rich foods such as pulses, chicken and fish.


If you’re suffering from a medical condition such as thyroid or a vitamin B12 deficiency, you can consult a hair specialist. He can prescribe some medicines that will counter the effect of your condition and regenerate pigment producing cells in your body.

Natural Remedies

Mother Nature has many options to choose from for dealing with premature grey hair. Amla or Indian Gooseberry is considered a boon for hair.

A paste made of amla fried in coconut oil and applied once a week before washing is said to work wonders. Onion juice, though sounds horrifying, has also proven to work well. Another option is to rinse hair with boiled tea leaves. You can also use a tea bag for a rinse. Taking omega-3 capsules may also help reduce premature greying. Neem oil and clove oil are also worth a try.

All in all, hair greying doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing. Some women can rock the salt and pepper look. A few runway models too have been seen sporting the look. Just get a trendy haircut and you can flaunt your mane with pride.