Jennifer, a 40 year old mother of 2 kids had a persistent knee pain for over a month. So last month she decided to get a spa treatment in her home town, Wayanad. And lo, within seven days of her spa massage and medicated herb-oil treatments, she got considerable relief from her knee pain. Her experience of the spa in her own words was, ‘It was healing and rejuvenating.’


What Is a Spa Treatment?

SPA stands for Sanus Per Aquam which means health through water. Spa treatments offer steam baths, mudpacks, massages, diet and exercises to relax and heal the body. Spa treatments in Kerala, known across the world, also combine ayurvedic treatments like medicated oil and herbal massages, herbal baths, yoga etc to heal the body, holistically.

What to Expect From a Spa Treatment

Based on your ayurvedic body type and your needs, a customized programme is formed for you in spa centers. The treatment generally consists of ayurvedic regimes, yoga, diet and meditation to provide deep healing of your body. So whether it is a weight loss, detoxification or anti ageing goals, customized programmes will be planned for you.

Generally you can expect a general massage (Abhyangam) which is a herbal oil massage of neck, ears, shoulders, face, back and chest. Herbal steam bath consisting of medicinal herbs; podikizi treatment, consisting of powdered herbs filled in muslin bags and dipped in hot oil to massage your body; or Shirodhara treatment (warm oil flow on head) can be lined up for you. Each treatment which can last about 20 to 90 minutes, and can cost you anything from Rs400, to Rs3,000.

Tangible Benefits from Visiting the Spa

A general body massage by trained practitioners can result in sound sleep, improved appetite, and lessening of stress levels in the body. Apart from this it can also improve your eyesight, bring relief to joints and improve the sheen of your skin.

Herbal steam baths can increase energy levels in the body and bring a sense of peace in your mind.

Medicated warm oil treatments can bring relief to people suffering from back pain and spondylosis.

Foot massage can help cure insomnia.