A woman is truly beautiful if she radiates with confidence. A lot of factors go into developing a woman’s confidence, and dressing up right is one of them.

While what you wear outside matters, how comfortable you are inside is what is most important.

This means choosing the right lingerie for yourself that defines your body shape so clothes fit you better.

Unfortunately we tend to ignore this important aspect and pick up ill-fitting innerwear most of the time. This may be due to our lack of knowledge about our body shape, budget constraints, changing sizes etc.

Here are a few tips to help choose the right lingerie:

Stylish Options

Bras and panties come in various styles and patterns. Thin straps or broad straps, strapless bras or halter bras, half cup or full cups, padded, or underwired, there’s lots to choose from.

Panties also come in choices of low waist, high waist, bikini, shorts or thongs. It all depends on what suits your body type, bust size and what clothes. There are also plenty of color options so you can buy one that matches your outfit.


The most important aspect before you lingerie shopping is size. It is imperative that you learn to measure your bust and cup size correctly. Bust size is determined by measuring the circumference just under the breast.

For the cup size, bring the tape around your back till your nipples; the difference between this measurement and the bust measurement determines your cup size. A less than 1 inch difference, means it is an AA cup, one inch is A, two inches is B, three inches is C, and four inches is D.

Once you know the correct size, picking up bras will be cakewalk. Underwear usually comes in standard sizes of Small, Medium, Large and X-Large.


Your body type and size determines the comfort factor. A woman will a small bust may prefer underwire or padded bras, while a woman with a heavier bust would prefer supportive full cup bras. The material also matters as bras are available in cotton, satin, lace, lycra or even leather, if you can carry it off.

Occasional Wear

There are specific types of lingerie for special occasions as well. Bridal lingerie, for instance, includes lacy corsets, bustiers, baby doll dresses, stockings etc. Before you pick any of these make sure to give it a good try, as you don’t want things falling apart at the last minute.

Also, make sure it goes well with your wedding outfit,  don’t buy bras with straps if you plan on wearing a strapless blouse or dress.

Never Underestimate Lingerie Fitting

Do not underestimate the importance of buying the right lingerie, as not only will ill-fitting bras make you appear shapeless, bras that are too tight may cause distress, and can restrict blood flow. So always try before you buy and get new inner wear from time to time.

Try not to spend too much on occasion wear as you can’t wear them too often anyway. Make sure you have comfortable sets of basics that can be worn every day, and washed easily. Lingerie shopping requires spending time on self, so go ahead and make yourself feel beautiful inside.