As every season changes, our skin practically screams for attention! Rightly so, because the drastic changes in weather from harsh winds of the arid winters to hot and humid summers  our skin often feels lifeless and devoid of moisture.

Facial skin is most susceptible to these changes, since it can’t be kept covered. This is why getting a regular facial is immensely important to replenish the skin and retain its moisture quotient.

However, when it comes to facials, there isn’t any one-size-fits-all solution. Everybody has different types of skin and different skin problems that need to be tackled individually. For instance, someone with oily skin won‘t benefit from a facial that is designed to suit people with dry skin. It might do more harm than good like increase oiliness and cause breakouts. Here’s a list of various types of facials according to your skin type, especially useful during the winter season.

Classic Facial for Normal Skin

The classic facial is the most basic type of facial, generally recommended for people with normal to dry skin. Besides the initial clean-up it can be done with your everyday cream and scrub, followed by a suitable mask to suit your skin. Clay masks are preferred during winters as they keep the skin hydrated, while peel offs are better suited for summer. This facial can be done twice a month.

Silver Gel Facial for Oily Skin

Silver facials are recommended for people with oily skin and a tendency towards acne. Instead of the cream, a special gel is used for the massage that doesn’t clog pores and keeps a check on excess moisture. It is essentially a purifying facial designed to detoxify your skin and rid the facial skin of acne and blackheads.

Seaweed Facial for Dry Skin

Seaweed is a goldmine of vitamins and minerals that hydrate the skin and clear away the toxins inhaled every day. It helps maintain the natural pH balance of the skin making it look supple and radiant. It is especially beneficial in winters as it doesn’t let the dry air rob your skin of its natural oils. You can get it done at a salon but many cosmetic brands also offer this facial kit for home use.

Fresh Fruit Facial for All Skin Types

The beauty of having a fresh fruit facial is that it gives immense satisfaction without having to use any artificial creams and lotions. You can choose the fruit according to your skin type such as avocado for dry skin, papaya for normal skin and banana for oily skin. For dry skin you can also mix in some milk cream with the fruit pulp, while for oily skin you can add some honey for a better consistency. This facial can be done once a month, as required.