What else takes priority on most Sunday afternoons, besides maybe a good movie, some shopping and lots of sleep? We all enjoy our Sundays, because it’s one day where bosses, deadlines, exams, traffic do not bother us. We can sleep late. We can eat late.

But, there are a significant number of us who enjoy making the most of Sundays. By that, we mean, that we like to stay awake, and do things we do not get to do during the week.

If you’d like to join in the fun too, here is an exciting way to spend a few hours on a Sunday afternoon.

Decorate your wardrobe.

No, we don’t mean tidy it. We literally mean decorate it. Here’s how:

Everyone categorizes clothes, how about labeling yours:

We all tend to arrange our clothes as per purpose. We pile up home clothes together, party clothes in another section, formal wear in yet another and so on.

It would make sense though to label them for a change. Create fun, colourful labels with cute designs on them, and stick them on the shelf, below each category of clothing.

Pictures of you and your close ones, inside your wardrobe doors:

Every time you open your wardrobe door, you see your clothes. How about seeing something else as well for a change?  Like maybe pictures of your favourite people. Your friends, your favourite musicians, stick them to the insides of your doors and the back of your wardrobe.

So every time you are looking for something to wear, a smiling face of someone you like looks back at you.

Indulge in Art and Craft:

Let your artistic streak shine through, into your wardrobe. Make some light weight art works, hanging threads, paper crafts to stick inside the wardrobe doors, and below the racks.

It will add more colour and funk to your wardrobe, welcoming you into a new world every time you open it!

Famous quotes or things to do list:

If you love a quote, print it and stick in inside the cupboard. Or, create your own ‘things to do list’ and stick it inside the cupboard. Keep filling it in with things you really have to do, so that every time you dress, you can plan your agenda too. It works wonders as a reminder!

Calendar schedule list:

Buy a ready made calendar, one with big spaces for each day of the year, or better still, make one of your own. Then stick it in your wardrobe. Jot down important things that have been scheduled for certain days, and it will act as a reminder every time you open your cupboard.