Creating the best impression in an interview takes a lot of effort. And what you wear plays a very important part in an interview.

If you are not sure about how to dress for an upcoming interview, this article will help you out.

Here are a few tips that will help you project the right image in an interview:

Dress Code:

Play safe and dress in conservative western or Indian formals. No Friday dressing, even if the interview or meeting is on weekends. If you are told in advance to dress casually, it is still always better to be in semi-formal clothes. 

Semi-formal western clothes mean chinos or khaki trousers with nice blouse/shirt, preferably with collars, but not too fancy (or lacy).

In Indian wear, you could opt for jeggings (jeans leggings) or cotton churidar, or straight churidar (but no lycra), with a tunic (with very less embellishments).


Wear a good watch, carry a handbag, wear right shoes, pick stud earrings for jewelry and opt for a simple neckpiece or scarf. You will have plenty of social occasions to flaunt your sexy shoes, lovely handbags, and heavy jewelry later.


Invest in a good perfume, moisturize your skin, keep nails short and preferably uncolored or at least lightly colored. Avoid dark shades of nail polish.


Your shoes must be in a good condition, cleaned and polished. Take good care of the shoes’ heels as well, keep it clean, and periodically check the soles for wear and tear.


Apply the right amount of makeup, which is appropriate for the occasion. A basic routine can be applying a sun block, a foundation, a mild blush, a thin line of kajal, an eyeliner, a mascara and a light lipstick (preferably matte).

All colors that you choose for makeup should be mild. For Indian skin tones, use shades of pink or light brown. If you have dark under eye circles, use a proper foundation to cover them.

Tattoos and Piercings:

Tattoos were considered to be taboo few years back except for people in creative fields, but that is fast changing today. However, for your first impression, do limit the exposure to your tattoos as much as possible.

If you have multiple piercings on your ear, wear studs and not any hanging earrings or danglers. You will have plenty to time to express your individuality, once you have the job.

Body Language:

Develop a good handshake, which is firm, and shows confidence; and don’t forget to smile.  Practice replying in the affirmative and be confident and attentive in your posture.

Some important points to note:

  • Carry two copies of your neatly written or printed resume.
  • Carry a smart pen that is not branded by any other company.
  • Carry a small notepad to jot down important things.
  • Silence your mobile phone before the interview.

For the first meeting, always keep in mind, what you want to convey and dress accordingly.

We all say ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’, but in reality, we all do it, consciously, or unconsciously. So create the right first impression and you’re that much closer to getting the job or closing the deal.