Dusky skin is beautiful regardless of its color. Beauty does not lie in a person’s skin tone; rather it is the skin itself that should look beautiful. You will look good if your skin is glowing, radiant and healthy. The right skincare along with the correct wardrobe selection and makeup tips can go a long way in making dusky skin look beautiful and envy worthy. The trick is to use colors that complement the skin tone so that your beauty is highlighted.

 The following are nifty beauty tips that take care of dark skin most effectively.

Use of Natural Treatments for Skin Care

 Skin looks beautiful when it is free of pigmentation, blemishes, spots, acne, pimples and marks. A person with dusky complexion should aim at achieving good skin over fairer skin. Natural homemade treatments usually have beneficial effects on all types of skin. They contribute to a radiant and supple skin that glows with good health. The following can be used as face mask ingredients.

Aloe Vera: It is great for treating hyperpigmentation, blotches and uneven skin tone.

Papaya: This helps in reducing blemishes and pimples.

Lemon: It is a good skin lightening/natural bleaching agent and also helps in removing sun tan effectively.

Potato: Potato juice is effective for removing dark circles and it also has skin whitening properties.

Orange Mask: This also acts as a good skin bleacher. It tones the skin and helps in removing blackheads and acne.

How to Take Care of Dusky Skin

 Apart from beauty routines, lifestyle changes also go a long way in making dusky skin glow with radiance. You need to follow age old adages like eating healthy, drinking a lot of water and sleeping well. These are great practices that make the skin look like a million bucks. Avoid direct exposure to sunlight as not only are UV rays bad for the skin, but you will get tanned and that is something dark skin can do without.

Choose the Right Wardrobe

The right colors in your wardrobe can make all the difference in the way you look. Most colors look good on dark skin tones. However, try to avoid colors that are too dark or too bright. This includes black and white shades. Therefore, avoid wearing head to toe all black or all white. You can give dull colors like navy blues and browns a skip too. Pastel and vibrant shades look good on dusky complexion. .

Choose the Right Make-up

The trick to make dusky skin look va-va-voom is selecting the right makeup. Wrong beauty products can look unflattering and this fact holds true for all skin tones.

 Foundation: Many women with dusky skin make the error of buying foundation which is a shade too light for the skin in the mistaken notion that this will make them look fairer. The truth is that instead of helping one look fairer it gives a chalky effect and makes the face look pasty. This does not help in any way. So, use a foundation which is closest to your natural skin tone. The trick is to make your skin tone look even and smooth so that it looks beautiful, irrespective of it being dusky or fair.

 Lip Color: Deep colors in various shades of plum, brown, wine, burgundy and berry go well with dusky skin. Opt for matte lipsticks over glossy ones. Stay away from nude lip shades and frosty colors as they look unflattering against dark skin. 

Eye shadow: You can choose from any color palette as far as eye shadow is concerned. The eyeshadow can be metallic, shimmery or matte as all these look good on dusky skin. So, you can go ahead and use dark shades like bronze, brown, gold or copper or go all out and use fun colors like blue, green or purple.

 Blush: Hues like coral, rose, wine and deep orange for the blush are a good choice for dusky skin tones. Shimmery shades in bronze and gold also gel well with dark complexion. However, steer clear of blushes in colors like peach or brown.

These basic guidelines will help in presenting your skin in the most flattering manner and channelize your beauty correctly.