Societies and culture undergo evolution and so does the clothing. Gone are the days when women in India used to travel to work donning heavy sarees. Clothing in urban and rural India has changed, and so has the comfort level, with the new clothing styles being introduced at office.

I’m a working woman traveling far from one corner of my city to another to earn my living, and support my family. I’m too choosy about fabrics, as I’m allergic to synthetic fibers. Often, my pretty women colleagues vouch for my recommendations about what to wear to for office for maximum comfort.

And I always advice them, go for the ultra ethnic and super comfortable short kurti and Patiala salwar. Let me tell you why you should opt for this combination. Kurtis, as all you women readers of mine know, are absolutely comfortable and free flowing. The cuts do vary but your style quotient and comfort levels should determine the cuts you opt for, such as the ‘Anarkali cut’, the a-line cut, the pleated cut etc. The necks line could be done up well with embellishments and frills. The length too can be tailored to best fit your style.

The pants style bottom could be in option of a ‘flowing’ and super-comfortable Patiala style, or may be a quick and easy to wear legging, readily available in different shades, colors, and nowadays, even printed to create a funky look. 

My personal recommendation for elegant office wear would be to go for basic short mono-colored Kurtis, you can opt for sleeveless ones to get the sexy look, and couple it with newbie printed leggings and colorful Patiala salwars. What more, when you want, you can team it up with a range of beautiful and vibrant stoles, and dupattas, thrown over streamed necklines and dashed with small but elegant glittering ‘Jhumki’ styled earrings . Choose only pure cotton, with a minimum of synthetics, to make it smooth and feather light for your skin while traveling.

Now let me tell you why I choose this Indian ensemble as the most comfortable. Firstly, they go well on all figures, unlike western formals, where a better figure is required. Secondly, it is more comfortable to wear, than buttoned-up shirt and pants. Thirdly, any footwear, starting from ‘Mojris’ to high-heels, can go with my chosen ensemble. Anyone with a bit of a fashion sense can necessarily opt for high heeled shoes for that stylish look.

Flutter in Indian colors and ethnicity, while being extremely comfortable at work. Gear comfort with style!