The wonder years of a girl’s life have got to be the time before she hits puberty. Once the teen age takes over, there’s a mountain of problems every girl has to climb and get over! Whether its peer pressure, looking good or dealing with boys, there are obstacles at every step! Fortunately some problems have easier solutions. Removing body hair, for instance, doesn’t have to be a hindrance to growing up. 

Here are some natural hair removal techniques that you can try to get to slow down or remove body hair growth.

Oil Massage

You would never have guessed that something as relaxing as an oil massage will help keep body hair at bay too. Regular rigorous massaging helps create friction on the skin, making hair softer and thinner. The more you massage your body, the more you increase your chances of closing down hair roots altogether. You can use warm massage oils, such as mustard oil, or castor oil, to keep skin smooth even while removing hair

Gram Flour Scrub

Our grannies often come out with the best home remedies and this one too, is right from their bag of wonders! You can make a pasty body scrub using some gram flour, curd and a few drops of your favourite oil, such as olive or jojoba. Apply all over your body, especially at places with more hair growth. Once it starts drying, scrub hard till it starts to peel off. The effects won’t be immediate of course, but if done regularly, say, once or twice a week, it is sure to reduce hair growth and its reappearance.