Our skin is delicate and proper care needs to taken for it to radiate.

With makeup, pollution and sun exposure, our skin really goes through a lot of pressure daily.

Therefore, adopting a good skincare routine is very important to avoid causing any permanent damage.

There are tons of products available for almost every kind of skin problem. But, I personally believe nothing beats the gentle touch of nature.

No matter what the concern, there is always a solution available in the simplest of natural ingredients. Take almond oil, for instance. This abundantly available resource is a boon for skin.

Mixed with other ingredients, or used as is, it can work wonders on some of the most complex skin issues. Here are some ways you can incorporate this natural elixir in your daily routine.

Bathing Pleasure

You can turn your daily bath into an exotic experience by adding a few drops of pure almond oil to the water. It will help maintain moisture levels of the skin and leave you with a soothing feel – a great way to start your day!

Natural Moisturizer

Rich in Vitamin E, almond oil is a wonderful way to moisturize your face. Just soak some cotton wool in sweet almond oil and dab it all over your face. Then rub it in circular motion and rinse off after 5-10 minutes.

You can also make a scrub by adding a few drops of almond oil to besan (gram flour) or crushed and dried walnut for an instant glow! Almond oil is known to possess lightening properties as well so it’s great for those looking to get fairer.

Smooth Skin

Almond oil is great to use on the body as it is a wonderful source of Vitamin E, Vitamin D, Omega 3 fatty acids and antioxidants. Massaging the body with sweet almond oil will leave your skin feeling smooth and supple.

Make sure you cover dryness prone areas like elbows and knees. It can also be used as a lip softener to soothe chapped lips. Pregnant women are also advised to rub almond oil on their bellies to avoid getting stretch marks post delivery.

Baby Friendly

New moms would have had their mothers and grandmothers advise them to use almond oil for baby massages, and with good reason. Warm almond oil gives a soothing massage to your baby, while keeping its skin soft and supple, especially in winters.

It is also believed that daily almond oil massage strengthens the joints that help make your baby strong and healthy. Just make sure, your baby isn’t allergic to any kind of nuts.

With so many benefits, who wouldn’t want to try out this simple, yet effective tool for skin care? You can easily find pure almond oil in the market. It is surely worth every penny!