Author: Paroma Sen-Basu

11 Great Ideas for Home Cleaning

Indian women have often been known to prioritize on hygiene and cleanliness. In fact, that’s why most women in India are always looking for newer more innovative ways to keep every corner of their home clean. So, why does cleanliness figure so high on our list of priorities? Well, the answer is simple, as young children we were often told that cleanliness is next to Godliness. Clean homes serve to provide people with a host of health benefits, too. For instance, personal and surrounding hygiene helps prevent the onset of a vast variety of diseases. In order to know...

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Essential Summer Foods to Keep you Cool and Healthy

With the intense summer that our country experiences fast approaching, it’s definitely time to start prepping up for the sun! While our sun umbrellas, stylish glares and summer dresses find their way out of the closet so do a host of cooling food and drink items. Summers in India are not just hot, they are immensely unbearable. But fear not. At Indusladies, we have a few tips to share with you regarding the right summer foods to eat during summer, just so these next few months can be a tad bit more bearable, and less torturous for every one...

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Some TV A Day Can Keep the Exam Stress Away

Final exams for the current academic year are here again. And while children all over the country prepare to face every question paper with a vengeance, as parents we need to identify different ways to help them surpass their exam stress and fear. In today’s highly competitive world, every child is mature enough to understand the grave importance of above average grades. However, the sheer pressure of achieving these objectives can affect any child leading to severe exam stress and mental weakness. The most common mistake we make as parents is take away any interesting activity or hobby during...

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Why Women Are Secretly the Stronger Of the Two Sexes?

It’s the month of women this March. Well, we actually have a single day dedicated to our gender and it’s only fitting that we put forth our strongest points that in reality set us apart from our male counterparts. How are we stronger? Is it simply because we think we are? So here are my rationales: Can you ever imagine a world without women? Strong women have played eager roles as world rulers. Some of the most famous strong women in history include beautiful queens, princesses, warriors, and of course, Goddesses, who fought the war over evil. Now, for...

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Interview of the Week: All Women Team at Wizecareers

Sometimes three is better than one We have all often heard of the phrase, ‘too many cooks spoil the broth’. Maybe we’ve heard it one too many times. Because when it comes to running a business, sometimes three does indeed work better than one. In this one-of-a-kind interview, let’s talk to the three women entrepreneurs, who successfully launched their own human resource company, aptly called WizeCareers. What is it like to get into a business partnership with other women? Do each of you feel that there are specific advantages when it comes to women dealing in business as partners?...

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