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Stem Cell Banking – Secure the Future of Your Baby

The child during pregnancy receives nutrition for its growth and development through umbilical cord. Earlier, the same cord blood used to be thrown away as a medical waste after childbirth. But today we know that this cord blood is an abundant source of stem cells.  If preserved, these cells can save the future of your baby from many life-threatening diseases and disorders. What are Stem Cells? Stem cells are the body’s master / mother cells as they can create different types of cells and hence repair damaged parts of the body. Stem cells are primarily found in the blood that...

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Pros and Cons of Cord Blood Banking

Back to Beginner’s Guide to Stem Cell Banking Instead of discarding the umbilical cord blood many parents are wise enough to identify it as a bio-investment opportunity. They store the cord blood for the future safety of their baby. Let’s have a glance at the various benefits as well as the negatives of stem cell banking. Pros of Cord Blood Banking: The popularity of cord blood banking within a short span of time is the evidence that people have realized its importance. It has the following positive points that stimulate the parents to bank their baby’s cord blood. Treatment...

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Common Mistakes we Must Try to Avoid

1. Lavish celebrations of family functions like weddings ,engagements ,birthdays etc. even if you cannot really afford. 2. Impulsive buying of costly things even if you dont really need them. 3. Taking a loan just because it is offered. 4. Buying things that depreciate in value(eg.electronic wares) as soon as they enter the market. 5. Taking a loan on high interest for anything that does not have a appreciable resale value. 6. Not maintaining regular accounts. 7. Not making savings a regular habit. 8. Standing as surety or guarantee for someone else’s loan commitments. 9. Spending a lot on...

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Credit Points System!

While I was talking to my friend about my son’s credit point system I have put up at home, she suggested to me to share it with my friends in IndusLadies also. Here is how it goes. · I started this basically for my elder son from his 6th class.    I hanged a slate in his room. it has some points on it. let’s say 100 points to start with. Whenever he does a good thing some points will add up and we will write them on slate. The vice versa will also happen like if he does...

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How to Make Your Baby Fall Asleep?

It is said that, when kids sleep, everyone is at peace , but when kids are awake, nobody is asleep! The simple time tested method to make babies of all ages asleep as per Yoga is here:  Using your ring and middle fingers, gently form circles over the kid’s forehead. Place the child in your lap if possible,  One must start from near the ear towards the centre of the forehead. Use gentle pressure, like we employ to use Mouse of the computer. Rotate in anticlockwise direction to put to sleep. The best part is that after your kid has gone to sleep, you can use the same on...

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