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15 Best Indian Oats Recipes

Oats is a Superfood because of its high level fiber and protein, low level fat and most importantly it is a low calorie food. Being the significant source of soluble fibers, the whole grain oats has proven effective in lowering blood cholesterol. It also helps keep the blood sugar levels under control. Here are few reasons why you must have a healthy breakfast every morning. Daily serving of Oats in your diet helps to reduce hyper tension or high blood pressure, and also a research has proved those who ate oats daily were 50% less likely to put on...

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Deck Up Your Frontyard with Margazhi Kolams

Top 30 Margazhi Kolams Draw inspiration to adorn your front yard this auspicious month of Margazhi Maasam / Dhanur Maas with our compilation of our top 30 Margazhi Kolams contributed by our esteemed IL members! Courtesy IL Member: Swaran Courtesy  IL Member: Aarchana Courtesy  IL Member: Ahilakaran Courtesy  IL Member: Ahilakaran Courtesy  IL Member: Bhuvisrini Courtesy  IL Member: Deepiraj Courtesy  IL Member: Kottravai Courtesy  IL Member: Latasunder Courtesy IL Member: Madhusharmila Courtesy  IL Member: Kottravai Courtesy  IL Member: Aarchana Courtesy  IL Member: Suryakala Courtesy  IL Member: Madhusharmila Courtesy  IL Member: Madhusharmila Courtesy  IL Member: Manjukps Courtesy  IL Member: Padhmu Courtesy  IL Member: Swaran...

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Pongal/Makar Sankranti Photo Gallery

Back to Thai Pongal Guide Bhogi Bhogi symbolizes destruction of negative and old things and ushering in abundance and prosperity. Celebrated on the first day of Pongal, people clean the houses and throw unwanted things into a bonfire. Girls sing songs in praise of the Gods, harvest and the spring. Surya Pongal The second day of Pongal is celebrated as the Surya Pongal when prayers are offered to the Sun God. Women draw elaborate kolams with rice flour to deck up their front yards and kick off the festive celebrations of Surya Pongal. Pongal Feast Celebrations of Pongal is incomplete without the zestful Sarkarai Pongal or the Sweet Pongal. Pongal Feast People make use of the new rice that is harvested and boil them on the second day of the Pongal. Once it overflows, the rice is used to prepare various dishes for the festive day. Maattu Pongal The third day is dedicated in worshipping the bulls, cows and other farm animals, essentially, the Indian Thanksgiving Day to the best friends of the farmers. Cattle is decorated and fed with good food and they are also made to take part in various festivities, such as the Jallikattu and Manju Virattu games. Jallikattu Tamil Nadu comes alive during Pongal festival where youth take part in the game of taming the bull, known as Jallikattu.  This is usually celebrated on the...

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