Author: Kasi V Sridharan

Tania’s Adventures – Children’s Book Review

It is an incredible experience reading the series of books written by the author Kanika G for growing children. The most important elements of the theme behind her books are to focus on development of creative mind, critical reasoning, reading and writing skills, morality, extra-curricular activities, community involvement and helping tendencies in the day to day routines. The author’s creativity excels in her selection of topics that attracts her daughter (in her case it is animals and insects),identifying and refining what makes her daughter listen and involve in collaboration and bonding between mother and daughter, introduction of new words to build linguistic skills and...

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7 Funny Suggestions for Valentine’s Day Gifts for him

On Valentine’s Day, it is difficult for everyone to make a decision on what is the best gift one could give to their loved ones. Husbands are struggling to find out what is the best gift they could give to their respective wife and wives are thinking aloud to find what gift would make their respective husband happy. Women are brilliant and can handle any situation with confidence. So in this article, the gift suggestions are limited only to respected women members of IL for their spouses. 1.  Mood Meter – As soon as the husband parks his vehicle...

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Is Raising Happy Children an Achievable Goal

Editor’s Note: Every parent wants to raise a happy child. But giving her gadgets and expensive gifts is not the real road to happiness. Spending quality time, understanding the child’s needs and not comparing her with other kids of her age is. Our member Viswamitra shares more on this. You too can tell us your thoughts on what makes a happy child. Write in to us here.  Everyone has the right to pursue happiness in life. We have heard many parents saying that “All we want is for our children to be happy”. Is that goal of the parents sustainable? There...

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Parents’ Influence on Children

Editor’s Note: We need to teach our children about life and be there for them always so that they can face it all with a smile. Our IL member Viswamitra shares some thoughts on how a parent influences the child. Share yours with us here.  Good Education Many of us have worked hard to make sure our children are well educated and successful in their lives. The sacrifice the parents do to give education to their children is impeccable. Every parent thinks that his or her child should not struggle in life as much he or she did and hence make all possible efforts to educate his/her...

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Spiritually Disciplining our Children

Editor’s Note: Let us take some time out of our busy schedules to teach the little ones about having the faith and in believing in the Lord. Our member, Viswamitra tells us more about children and spiritually disciplining them. Do share your thoughts with us here. I was asked to speak to the children (age group 14-17) about spiritual discipline and why it is important a few years back. A young girl stood up and asked me a question that triggered a lot of thoughts. She asked, “Am I not too young to think of spiritual growth and development? When I have duties to...

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