Author: Sangeeta Praveen

Are You a Tiger Mom

I have two daughters, and like any other mother, I love them. But after 15 years of marriage, and 12 years of parenthood, I now realise that most of the fights between my husband and me are centred on parenting. Praveen and I are both Indians, both from normal, middle class households and yet, we have diverse ideas on raising kids. So in 2011, when he read an article in the TIME magazine about ‘Tiger Moms’, it opened up  a channel of communication between us and allowed us to find a level of parenting acceptable by both of us....

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Adopting After Having a Biological Child

Till about a couple of decades back, adoption was talked about in hushed tones, and if it was happening, it happened only within the family, so as to maintain the so called ‘purity of the lineage’. Then, around 10 years back, as social awareness grew, adoptions by childless couples no longer saw raised eyebrows. But nowadays, it is no longer restricted to childless couples. As horizons widen and boundaries shrink, today there are a lot of couples with biological children who are opting for adoption to give their child a sibling. Preparing the biological child for the arrival of...

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Encouraging Our Children to Save More

In this day of credit cards, easy loans, advertisement bombardments, and full-fledged consumerism, I was pleasantly surprised to see an article on how a 14-year old girl, called Willow Tufano, bought a house in Florida for $12,000 with her own savings! The article set me thinking on how I could inculcate the habit of saving money in my daughters, and I found that there are some things that still haven’t changed , and in this case, it’s the good ole’ piggy bank ! A few simple pointers will make this lesson on saving money, fun and interesting, for the...

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Being a Virtual Assistant and Secretary from Home

Vivek, who runs his own advertising agency, has opted to hire Shraddha as his secretary. She has been working with him for eight months now, has never missed a deadline, and they share a great professional rapport. The only thing is they have never met!  Welcome to the world of virtual secretaries.  Shraddha works from home, handles calls for Vivek, when he is in a meeting, prepares his reports, and makes presentations for him. He, in turn, just transfers her salary to her bank account when it is pay day. Being a Virtual Secretary A remote executive assistant, or...

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