Author: Chaithali Pisupati

Tips to Help Your Teenager Adjust in a New School

Changing schools is a big deal for children; especially if they are in middle school. To be a pre-teen is confusing enough for a child, a new school is going to be an added burden to them.  It is normal to expect resistance to this decision of the parents by children, and many of us may be at a loss on how to handle this situation.  I have put in a few pointers that I have received, from some parents who have been through similar situations, and from my personal experience. Explain The Reasons Yes, do it to a...

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Parenting Tips to Make a Teen More Responsible

As a parent we always strive to make our children more responsible people. We can use our knowledge and experience to shape their mind-set, which can make them live their lives with a responsibility to the society, country and the environment as a whole. De-Addiction of Consumerism The consumerist culture has never been the way it is today. Before we start blaming that our children are falling into this trap, we need to make sure that we are not already addicted to it. After all, our children observe us and mirror our actions. We should help our children strike a...

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Loss of A Loved One, Helping Your Teens Overcome Grief

Losing a loved one is never easy, at any age. It is a hard hitting reminder that nothing is forever and that we need to treasure every minute we spend with our families. As an adolescent, your child could already be undergoing a lot of physical, physiological and social changes that he or she is already confused about. Teens do not like the idea of not being in control of their emotions, and being faced with such a hard-hitting truth can sometimes frighten them.  Keeping in mind the familial set-up, it is possible that most of them may be...

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Six Things to Do during the Holidays with Your Teenagers

When my daughter heaves a sigh of relief at the end of her exams, I start to panic. My mind is filled with the dreaded thought, holidays, no school; the kids will be home all day! This translates into repeated whining of ‘I am bored’, and ‘What to do now?’ So during the last holidays, I got my daughter and my nephew to make a list of all the things they wanted to do and we put it up on the fridge. While this is not a new idea, the kids really loved it, and it really saved me...

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Trying To Connect With Your Teen Son

Someone very wise once said, ‘Raising a kid is part joy and part guerrilla warfare’.  And if your boy is just taking that turn into his teens, you will be leaning more toward the warfare. Here are a few things that we can do to connect with our teen son better. Observe More And Learn His Interests As boys turn into teens, they will start talking lesser and withdraw. This is very normal.  Observe the kind of things he is into. Sports, video games etc.  If he is into a particular sport, ask him to explain it to you,...

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