Every one of us has often wished to own a pet. Some of us have had that incredible privilege of doing so too. The world of pets is a much revered, dreamt of, cherished little world of its own.

But Why Adopt Pets?

Well, simply because pets often have a therapeutic value, that is largely prevalent and scientifically proven the world over. The value of a pet is especially evident, when you visit a pet owner’s home. Pet owners are known to go to extremes to make sure that their little furry pets are always comfortable. That’s because pets give us so much love in return for the simple things we do from them, it’s difficult not to love them back unconditionally. 

How Does a Pet Add Value to Its Human Family?

Here are my five reasons why I will always remain a pet lover:

  • Children who grow up with pets, become caring individuals.

Children who live with pets while growing up learn to be independent and caring as grown-ups. That’s mainly because they learn how to share their things, to play and to feed a loving animal, which cannot talk. This makes them mature faster than their peers, and also become more sensitive to the needs of others.

  • Pets help people indulge in their basic need to touch.

Furthermore, pets help people indulge in the basic need to touch. A furry pet dog or a domestic cat will always want its daily share of pats and cuddles. Haven’t you ever wondered why it feels good to pat a pet? Or, why it’s natural to want to pat a cuddly, furry animal that comes your way. It’s because people have the natural tendency to touch and love and our animal friends allow us to do just that.

  • Pets help people overcome their shyness and gain confidence.

There are several reasons as to why animals, pets, more importantly, are therapeutic for us. Pets help increase confidence levels in people. Imagine a young, shy boy, who finds it difficult to interact and talk to people. If he were to be gifted with a pet of his own, maybe a devoted little puppy, the puppy’s natural behaviour and constant love for his master will help him pick up his confidence levels.

  • You are never alone when you have a pet.

Pets additionally help people get over loneliness. That’s why it is often said, you are never alone as long as you have a pet.

  • Various pets have various therapeutic values.

When people use the word pet, the first thing that comes to their mind is a dog. There are a range of pets in the world and every single one of them has their own therapeutic value to offer. A goldfish in a bowl is relaxing to watch. A talking parrot is entertaining, especially for older people. A pair of lovebirds is calming to keep in the house.

Every animal has a lot to give us. All we need to do is learn how to enjoy what they offer.