Terrace Garden or the Paradise in your House

You might be really lucky if you really own a garden located at the terrace. Sitting there during the rains enjoying a cup of hot tea and pakodas is a dream come true for many.  In today’s era where the cities are getting over-crowded and we are happily sacrificing our garden spaces for parking areas, the terrace garden is a great idea to breathe life into your indoors and have some greenery around. 

A terrace garden can be of any shape and size. An experience of a terrace garden says that it brings us close to the nature; it connects one to the natural beauty. Only a few minutes spent with the plants on the terrace garden revitalizes our energy. But, it is also of the utmost importance to maintain it.

What You Should Know Before Starting a Terrace Garden?

  • A Strong Roof

Maintenance of a terrace garden is not very different from that of a balcony garden or a garden. The roof in a terrace garden is of utmost importance. Ensure that the roof is strong enough to hold your terrace garden. If you’re not a professional gardener please call for help to assess the strength of your roof so that you don’t have any cause for concern. 

  • A Supportive Drainage System

The second most important thing to focus for the maintenance of your terrace garden is to have an extremely supportive drainage system. Keep a thorough check of your drainage system at regular intervals. Remember it’s a terrace garden; even a small blockage in the drainage system can cause a major disturbance in your pipeline system, and consequently harm you garden life and space.

  • The Seating Arrangement 

The seating arrangement in the terrace garden plays a very important part in enhancing its beauty. Make sure there is enough place for your family to accommodate and enjoy the terrace garden. Add colorful flowers for the beauty of the terrace. Hanging plants do a very good job for such gardens.

  • Selection of plants and overall look

Lawns are an easy option, not only do they add more color and greens to your nature space, but they are easy to maintain with the affordable mowing machines doing the rounds these days. They are available on popular shopping sites, such as eBay etc.

Another very popular option is the prevalence of beautiful potted plants. They are available in different shapes colors and sizes, highly affordable, these pots can be used to plant the most beautiful and vibrant flowering plants adding zest, life and life to your garden.

  • Ensure Adequate Conditions for Healthy Plant Growth 

Make sure that in this endeavour of yours to accommodate people and family, you don’t forget that plants need the sunlight, water etc to live happily. They will not survive only with the help of sunlight .So enjoy a hot tea on your terrace garden and get refreshed. 

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