Enliven Your Garden

How to decorate your garden?

  • If space permits, you can add a fountain in the middle of the garden, with intrinsic designs on the outer walls of the fountain. You can also add evening lights and some artificial aquatic animals in the fountain, like fishes and frogs to the fountain.
  • Decorate the base of the fountain with colorful pebbles. This will definitely fascinate the children.
  • Add decorative earthen pots in the garden. These pots can also be hanged and plants like money plants can be grown in them with their hangings left out to fall downwards.


  • Decorate with stepping stones of detailed designs. Also marble slabs placed at perfect distance on the ground of her garden will allow visitors to walk easily without destroying the plants.
  • A sundial can be an interesting garden decor to consider. Sundials are easily available in brass and resin materials. 
  • Handcrafted statues at the entrance of the garden also add to the beauty of the garden.
  • Opt for flowering plants to add color to your garden. Some flowering plants to consider:
    • Rose Plant: The Rose originates from the genre name Rosa. It stems from the Rosaceae family. This flower is easy to grow, and if planted in different colors, will add to the beauty of your garden. You can go for red and pink roses, which are easily available and add brightness to the garden, as the colors of these flowers are very bright. One has to bear in mind the fact that rose does not grow in shade, it needs too much of sunlight. Also be careful while handling the plant the more beautiful the flower is, the thornier are the stems.
    • Hibiscus Plant: Hibiscus rosa-sinensis also known as Shoe Flower. This flower is also easily available in any nursery in your locality. They look beautiful when they fully bloom.
    • Jasmine: A favorite garden variety flowering plant is the jasmine, also known as the Jasminum, and yes, it is rightly called ‘Queen of Fragrance’. They are also called ‘Mogra’. Mogras are also used in garlands. One can use this in-house produce of freshly made garlands for the Gods during the pray ritual and maintain. The jasmine provides a peaceful environment in your garden. They look serene when they fully bloom.
    • Raat Rani: Another flower that is a favourite of gardeners is ‘Raat Rani’, also known as the Cestrum nocturnum. This flower blooms in the evening and is found in bunches. They are extremely adorable during the night hours and the fragrance is one which cannot be neglected. So your garden looks beautiful even during night hours if you have this plant as a part of your garden.
    • Lily: If you are looking for easy maintenance plants then you can’t neglect the lilies or theLilium. Lilies are easy to plant and need moderate watering and sunlight.

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