Organic means simple, full of health and close to nature, away from the effects and influence of pesticides and chemicals. According to Life Sciences, organic products mean products which are unrelated to the use of fertilizers and pesticides and are derived from animal or vegetable matter, rather than from chemicals.

Organic gardening involves absolutely zero use of any synthetic products, such as chemical fertilizers, that could alter the chemical composition of the fruit, plant, or grain. In the olden days, people used organic gardening methods on a large scale, and hence their health peaked. A research has shown that use of chemical fertilizers increase the risk of cancer, and other modern life related fatal diseases, among women to a great extent.

Organic gardening also works in the favor of our environment, as it does not poison the water with chemical fertilizers. It maintains and retains the sustainability of the soil, to hold on to nutrients for a long period. So, the soil, the basic foundation remains healthy. Everything grown in your organic garden will taste far better than what you have tasted earlier. Now you know why the world has been revolting to the use of BT seeds, this is because it hampers the natural component of the seed. Be it in brinjal or cotton.

Eating fresh products from the garden can make a great difference to the well-being of a person. You can grow a variety of fruits, vegetables, and herb plants in an organic garden. Remember, you are not only improving on yours and others health by doing organic gardening, but you are also protecting the mother earth. Thus all in all, organic gardening is win-win gardening solution for all gardening aficionados.

Here are a few suggestions for chemical free insecticides:

  • Neem

Neem (Azadirachta Indica) leaves work the best to protect your garden. You can simply plant Neem saplings at regular intervals.

You can protect the health of your garden by spreading Neem leaves all over the place which covers your garden. Not only the inner boundaries but also the outer boundaries of your garden should be covered by spreading Neem leaves. This should be done on daily basis. 

To make it more effective you can extract Neem oil from Neem leaves and spray it all over the place. You need to extract fresh oil on a daily basis. Do not spray oil which is kept for days. Fresh oil does wonders. Spraying this oil on plants is very essential as insects feed on leaves will be effective. Keeping the roots and leaves away from insects is very important.