Living in a fast paced world in the urban metropolitan, we often don’t realize the essence and space that we have for a small garden in our house? Yes, I am talking about space right there in your house – the balcony. A balcony garden can add to the beautification and serenity of the house.

So if you want to build a beautiful balcony garden then here are a few suggestions:

Map the Available Space

  • View the space available in your balcony and think of how many plants you can accommodate.
  • Remember you are beautifying your balcony and not hampering it with the crowd of different plants.
  • You can afford to buy different sorts of saplings from the nurseries in your locality at really reasonable price.

Kinds of Plants

The most important part of your balcony garden which matters the most are the plants. Exposure to sunlight is very important for plants. If you wish to grow rose, then your balcony must have enough open space to provide ample sunlight as rose plants do not grow in shade. Avoid buying plants which give open invitation to insects such as mosquitoes, lizards and many other reptiles.

For beginners, Money Plant is the best option.  You can also opt to grow kitchen herbs in your balcony garden. It will add to the beautification of your garden and will be beneficial for your health at the same time.

Pots and Containers

  • Choose containers for your plants with utmost care keeping in mind that the pot should have a hole and the water should filter down or the roots might decay and the plant’s growth gets stunted.
  • You can try earthen pots as they are reasonable in price and are porous and leaky. Once you place the saplings into the pot, ensure regular care for them.
  • Make a daily routine of watering them and trimming at right intervals

Many of us are unaware of the magic of a balcony garden. Just spending few minutes in your balcony garden will give you a great experience by drawing you closer to the nature. So, the next vacation your relatives turn up at your place, do surprise them with the beauty and magic of your balcony garden. Nurture your mind, soul, and body with your balcony garden.

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