Rita has a beautiful garden in the backyard of her house. She is blessed with the gift of green thumb but still she strives hard to maintain it. Three years back she bought a new house with an empty piece of land behind her house.

She thought of converting it into a garden. With all her hard work and perseverance today the empty land has been modified into a beautiful blossoming garden which provides her house a serene and peaceful environment and a harmonious environment. She sticks by certain basic tips and tricks to keep her garden going.

Foundation Tips for a Flourishing Garden

Creating a garden by modifying an empty piece of land was a hard task for Rita but what was the most difficult part? Yes, maintaining the garden was the most difficult job.


One has to be really careful about the soil. Remember, that the soil is the heart of the garden. It is the base foundation like that of a newly constructed building which needs to be really strong. If the soil is healthy then the plants promise you a long life.

So make the foundation strong. Feed the soil well. Do not use soil which is very sticky as clay forms a major part of such sticky soil. Sticky soil acts as an obstacle in the ways of plants for absorbing nutrients from the ground and also damages the drainage system.

To make the soil healthy add compost like cow dung, manure, dead leaves etc. or organic matter to it.


Before planting a garden remove all the weeds and grass. This will help the plants to absorb and retain soil nutrients easily. Removals of obstacles ensure healthy soil for plants to grow.


Always water the plants early in the morning as they perform their process of photosynthesis. Rita watered the plants on daily basis in the initial stages, ie, for one year. Then she watered the plants once in a week, depending on the season. In summer, you may have to water every day in dry areas.


Add fences to your garden. This will result in an organized boundary region. Trimming and pruning form the most important part in maintaining the garden. They give them shape too.

Maintain a Pathway:

Never walk on the wet soil or on the shrubs. Always create thin road or a fancy road made of broad blocks or white stone slabs to walk in the garden.

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