Living your dream is one of the biggest joys in life and if you can turn your favorite hobby in to a source of income then life can be truly exciting. Take a look at Nisha and Mamta, two garden lovers from Bangalore, who have done that by turning their love of gardening in to a business venture called, Greener Pastures.


Passionate About Gardening

Nisha and Mamta are both ardent gardening hobbyists, who believe gardening is therapeutic in nature. Mamta is fashion and interior designer for more than a decade, and Nisha is a life skills educationist and a counselor. Their love towards gardening has led them to create masterpieces in their backyard. These good old friends with a common bond towards gardening came together to start off the Greener pastures venture.

What is the Greener pastures venture all about?

The Greener Pastures enterprise was started in 2010 and is all about bringing the beauty of nature in to your backyard with handy and practical solutions. Both these friends provide eco-friendly gardening solutions, and also specialize in growing exotic varieties of annual and perennials in their garden, growing of bonsais in pots, and also provide container-free gardening solutions to individuals desirous of having a green space in their homes. The enterprise mainly deals with providing aesthetic and practical gardening solutions, garden makeover, and maintenance of gardens.

What is the primary motive behind starting Greener pastures?

The rapid urbanization of garden city and the loss of green cover in Bangalore is what triggered these two individuals to set up Greener Pastures. In fact Nisha, who believes that gardening is therapeutic in nature, claims that their main aim is to provide eco-friendly gardening solutions in otherwise non eco-friendly homes, and thereby, foster the bond between nature and humans. 

So what are the distinctive gardening solutions that Greener pastures provides for homes?

Nisha and Mamta have come up with aesthetic gardening solutions which are practical as well as easy to manage. 

Some of their unique ideas which have made them such a hit are the following:

Eco-friendly solutions: They grow their plants in an organic way; use eco-friendly planters like recycled wood, terracotta etc and also provide container free gardening solutions.