Everybody likes to have that perfect home, one that is tidy 24/7, one that is spick and span all the time, and one that is party-ready in minutes.

It is so common for us to run around the second we know anybody is coming over. When a good friend or relative is in the area and they called to say they are coming to say hello, we race around the house putting things in order. What’s worse is, when we ourselves invite guests over, we spend half the day cooking a fabulous meal for them, and the other half in setting up the house.

But, thankfully for you, there are several simple ways to keep your home ready to receive guests all the time or in just a few minutes.

Never Keep The TV In Your Living Room:

Most of us tend to keep the TV in the living room. Thus, when anyone comes over either unannounced or otherwise, the first room they see is the living room, and it is usually a mess. That’s because someone or the other was watching the television.

It’s natural to relax and strew things around when you watch the telly. A simple way to overcome this problem is by keeping the TV in another room, your own bedroom perhaps. Guests know where not to cross lines, and they usually do not enter people’s bedrooms uninvited. When your TV is not in the living room, your living room is practically ready to receive guests all the time.

Keep The Living Room Furniture Covered All The Time:

When guests enter your home, the first place they settle down is in your living room. Keep your living room furniture clean by putting delicate designer covers on top of center tables and peg tables. Furthermore, limit the use of your living room during the day, so that it always looks guest-ready.

Decorate Your Entrance Way And Passages With Pots, Statues, and Fountains:

Divert the attention from the rest of your house to your passage and hall. Put statues; arrange flower pots in your entrance way, and next to the hall doors. This will keep your guests who surprise you busy in checking your decor out. They won’t notice if anything else is not in place.

Always Shut Bedrooms Doors And Keep The Curtains Drawn:

When you are alone at home, it is natural to take things lightly. But if you make it a practice to always shut your inner room doors or draw the curtain, no matter who comes to your home,  they will never see the untidy or used part of the house. It will help you create a good impression at the end of the day, anytime of the day.