With hot summer racing soon, majority of us look forward to take a break for a week or more, enjoy a splendid holiday and get ourselves rejuvenated. But we do not really wish to see any dead or dried up plants when we are back.

Also a vacation will not be real fun when we are worried about the fate of our greens. therefore here are few holiday essentials and gardening tips for the plant care when you are away.

Things You Need To Do Before You Leave:

Depending upon the time you will be away, you have to decide upon arranging the essentials for your garden. 

If you are going on a long holiday the best thing to do is to arrange a garden sitter, who can take better care of your plants. But if it is just for a week or few then here are few gardening tips that might come to your rescue.

1. Arrange Your Plants Water Needs:

Watering your plants is pretty crucial when you are away. You can never count on rain as it is always rare during summers. So you have to make certain alternative arrangements and get things done for your plant care.

Different plants need different water requirements, depending upon which you can employ certain self watering jugs designed on the basis of capillary motion, place self watering gadgets like the water bulbs and globes, add some mulch on the wet grounds, and even move several containers indoors or to the shade in order to decrease the water loss.

2. Solicit Some Aid:

Request your friends or neighbors to keep harvesting and also make use of the fruits and veggies from your garden in your absence. As they are enjoying the fruits, they can also help you in managing your garden. Doing so will not only aid in the continued production but also will prevent attracting animals. 

3. Do Some Checks:

Before you leave it is very much necessary to check your garden for any unwanted intruders like animals, pests and weeds. Spray some pesticides and cut off the weeds before you leave. As your garden remains unattended for a week or so, do arrange some temporary fences and place some bells or wind chimes so as to prevent the entry of animals.

4. Create Some Shade:

Cover the garden area using some shade cloth for your plant care as it can protect your young greens from the burning summer sun.

Even after doing all these just stay realistic and get prepared to lose few plants but at least you can save the others. Once you are back, with all your regular concern the loss can be restored within no time.