Did you know that your kitchen and bathroom are one of the most inefficient rooms that produce maximum waste in your house?

The push to be eco-friendly is gaining momentum by the day and people have realized the need to do their bit for the planet.

Simple changes can help you trim the electricity bills, reduce waste and can make your kitchen and bathroom turn environment-friendly. You don’t have to remodel your house to make it eco-friendly.

Here are simple ways to turn your kitchen and bathroom into an environment-friendly space.

Low-Flow Aerators

Save about 10 litres of water each day by attaching a low-flow aerator to the kitchen faucet. Low-flow aerators mix air into the water stream and cut the use of water without affecting the pressure of water.

Installing them to your bathroom showerhead and taps can reduce the consumption up to 22 litres per minute!!  These devices are inexpensive and easy to install. Make a significant impact with the use of aerators and feel guilty-free.

Heat Just What You Need

Heating a large kettle of milk will certainly use more energy when you need to heat a modest portion of it. Getting a small appliance is much more efficient than a big one. A small-sized electric kettle, induction stove, microwave takes less power and are great energy savers.

Additionally, keep a watch on the time when the geyser is switched on and off. In summer, it is more refreshing to take bath or shower in lukewarm water than in winter. Remember to switch off the electrical appliances on time. You will certainly laugh your way to the bank.

Get Rid of Phantom Energy Leaks

Microwaves, digital clocks, dishwasher, washing machine, mixer, and grinder are some phantom energy suckers that drain energy even when they are off! Unplug the devices to cut down the energy consumption nearly by half!

Did you also know that refrigerator consumes most of the energy? Additionally, most power drains when you keep the refrigerator door open for a long period. You must also ensure the rubber seal around the door closes securely. Loose-door refrigerator leaks lots of energy per minute.

Green Cleaners

Kitchen and the Bathroom are the most cleaned rooms, and you can keep them clean with non-toxic cleaners. Combination of vinegar and baking soda is one of the most efficient and cheapest methods that will do the job.

You can also go for a number of green cleaning products that are available in the market today. Take the green initiative a step closer with green towels that are made of organic cotton or bamboo. Conventional cotton uses more than a billion of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides each year and causes extensive damage to soil and water.

Switch to green personal-care toiletries since most of the commercial products that you are using right now are making the sea organisms go extinct. The water that joins the ocean after you wash or flush gets highly toxic with the chemicals present in such products.

Use shower curtains that are free of PVC, because PVC (polyvinyl chloride plastic) emits highly toxic compounds that are dangerous for you and the environment.

Make a difference and show your commitment in preserving our planet Earth by practicing few green solutions.

Do you have a green idea that we can follow?