Every plant lover has a yearning towards a residential garden, which can be planned and created in the front or backyards of the house, on the patio, the roof and even in the window boxes. A lovely garden is always a pleasure to watch, and a petite puddle supporting diverse life amidst aesthetic planting designs stands more unique and enhances the elegance of the garden.

But as a part of apartment living, it becomes hard to accommodate a garden pond within the little place available for a garden. To overcome this and enjoy the composure of a petite puddle, by adding an aquatic accent to your gardens, simply try creating a lovely little potted pond.

Preparing a Potted Pond

In order to accomplish a potted pond in your garden, one might require:

  • A stock tank pond
  • Plant pots
  • Pebbles or gravel
  • Bricks
  • Few aquatic plants
  • Fishes can be optional¬†

 Stock Tank Pond

It is a glazed clean container made up of ceramic, plastic, marble, steel or any other non corrosive material. They are generally circular or oval in shape and the minimum dimensions should range from 50-60 cm in length and 45cm in diameter. The tank should be water tight so as to hold sufficient amount of water.

Aquatic Plants

From the diverse aquatic plants available one might choose three types of plants like the submerged oxygenators, water edged marginal plants, and deep water aquatics with surface floating leaves, to ensure a gratifying multilevel arrangement of your garden pond.

These collections may include Nymphaea or the water lily, which add grace to the ponds, Water Primrose, Hydrilla, Ferns, Elodea, Eichhornia crassipes or Hyacinths, Potamogeton varieties (pondweeds), Eurasian Water milfoils, Coontails and lot more that can be chosen from any nursery.