If having a plant at your doorstep that can serve you as a personal spa, an herbal drug store, or even your first aid kit, it would surely be of great use in this hassled metro living. If all these qualities are found in a simple green plant, measuring hardly 25 to 40 inches, containing several amino acids, vitamins and minerals that can make our living better, we all would surely look forward for such an inclusion in our homes.

Placing an Aloe Vera, or commonly known as the first aid plant that can offer voracious benefits as a healer, moisturizer, soothing agent and a disease cure in your gardens, could help you immensely.

Aloe Vera, the plant of immortality, is a stem less or a very short-stemmed succulent plant with thick and fleshy green leaves containing serrated teeth like margins. It can spread by offsets and root sprouts, and is an ornamental plant with immense cosmetic and medicinal importance.

Caring Your Aloe:

Aloe Vera plants known as the ‘Lilly’s of desert’, are very easy to care and can grow big really fast.  Leaving them alone can make them flourish well rather than showering too much care and pamper.

Here is some information about the better growing conditions of this beneficial semi tropical plant.


The plant can grow both indoor and outdoor. But the growth seems really fast in outdoors. The plant should be kept in the sunny window grill when placed indoors and should be kept out of frost, as it freezes away when placed outdoors.

Choosing the Plant:

Even before growing it, choosing the righteous plant matters. Therefore select a plant that looks healthy without any dropping leaves. Avoid the plant with brown or yellow leaves, and pick the one without any insect or pest damage.

Pot and the Soil:

It is necessary to choose a proper container that can support the plant growth. Therefore choose the one that is twice longer, than the roots of the plant with proper drainage holes. The plant isn’t very choosy about the soil type but can sustain in any kind like sandy or gritty soil, with proper drainage conditions.