Gardening is one of the most interesting things to do in our stressful daily chores. It can be an enjoyable hobby that can give us some time to relax, breathe in the fresh air from the growing greens and get ourselves rejuvenated.

The thought of beginning a garden might be a bit daunting to an amateur gardener, but the activity can aid you to have fun and enjoy more benefits if practiced by following some simple tips.

Getting Started

Garden Site:

First thing to do is choosing a place to grow the plants, i.e., deciding a garden site.

Tip 1: A garden site should enjoy plenty of sunlight and of course should have better access to the water.

Tip 2: The soil should be fine enough to begin with and the gardener should possess basic knowledge on the kind of soil.

Tip 3: Keep it close, i.e., look up for the site that remains in your sight. Don’t go too far but use your backyard, front door or even kitchen window to stay focused with your plants.


After choosing a proper place one can design it according to their interest.

Tip 1: Design should be based on what you wish to grow. Sketch it in such a way that there is some place for the flowering plants, veggies and herbs. Also place some fruits and trees in your map.

Tip 2: Try for a theme to get a better display. Think about a garden bench, wind chimes or other such ancillary decorations to enrich your design.   

Decide Your Plants:

One of the most crucial steps in the entire activity for an amateur gardener is choosing a plant to grow.

Tip 1: For a beginner do not be hasty. I advise upon keeping it small for better results. Small garden seems manageable at the initial stages at least till you gain enough gardening skills.

Tip 2: In case of veggies and other edible greens, chose the plants that you eat. And for the flowering plants start with the simple ones that can survive easily.