The looming clouds mark the entry of monsoon, which is nothing but the rainy season, an apt time to turn your green thumbs up. Gardening in monsoon can be an ideal choice, as all work turn easy during this part of the year. And to those interested in gardening, everything appears fresh and healthy, as the plants grow faster this time. But every season has its own problems, and so proper care should be taken for the greens in each season.

Therefore here are few easy monsoon gardening tips that might come to aid at the time of need.

1-Controlled Water Supply:

Just like water scarcity, which is a problem to the plants during hot summers, excess water also is a matter of concern. Therefore the plants should not be watered when there is a heavy down pour, as excess watering may lead to rot the healthy green.

2-Suitable Soil:

Because of the extreme downpours we come across during monsoon, we need to go with some porous and easy drain soil so that the additional water can be drained easily. Majority of the plants doesn’t prefer water lodging soils, so good soil drainage is always a better option in monsoon gardening.


Monsoon also marks the presence of ghastly winds that can simply cause damage to long branches of your greens. Therefore they need to be trimmed of excessive growth during monsoons.


Rainfall also causes the easy growth of some unnecessary plants in the soil. They may tamper with the nourishment   of your useful plants might get from the surroundings. Therefore the weeds must be frequently pulled away during the monsoons.