While most people firmly believe that dogs are a man’s best friend, many would like to steer clear of the canines. Why is it that people are scared of dogs, despite the fact that they are one the friendliest amongst the pet brigade?

Well, irrational fear of dogs, or cynophobia, is when people try to avoid visiting a certain area or petlovers house. A person suffering from cynophobia would be scared for dogs no matter which breed, or what size the dog would be. Be it an Alsatian or a Pomeranian, people fearing dogs would stay miles away for the fear that the dog might attack them, or are harmful beings.

Mostly people who have been attacked by dogs in their childhood, or their past traumatic experience where the dog has been ferocious,  unfriendly, or has chased the person in his/her childhood days, could trigger such fears in them.

Trying to get rid of the fear is not an easy task, considering the fact that one cannot brush aside such fears in a jiffy. It could take months to a year to come out of the fear for dogs, provided one puts in much efforts. However, it’s never too late to start loving the set of animals.

Stop Thinking:

Please stop thinking too much about dogs when they pass by you. By controlling your emotions and thoughts, or the fear for dogs, you would get a grip on your actions. Thoughts, such as dogs are wild animals, and are ferocious, wide teethed animals, have to be completely done away with.

Also avoid actions such as totally evading the dogs, or running away from them.  One needs to stay close to the much-feared dogs, and get used to them eventually.

Read Up On Handling Pets:

If you avoid dogs, start reading up online or read books on how pets (dogs) have helped people overcome their boredom, loneliness and stress. Feed in positive thoughts, such as dogs can be a man’s best friend, and that they are way more loyal than any other beings in the world. Having a positive mindset and approach towards dogs would really help against panicking, or erasing false negative image when the animals are near you.  This way you would feel relaxed when surrounded by dogs.