Indian women have often been known to prioritize on hygiene and cleanliness. In fact, that’s why most women in India are always looking for newer more innovative ways to keep every corner of their home clean.

So, why does cleanliness figure so high on our list of priorities? Well, the answer is simple, as young children we were often told that cleanliness is next to Godliness. Clean homes serve to provide people with a host of health benefits, too. For instance, personal and surrounding hygiene helps prevent the onset of a vast variety of diseases. In order to know simple, effective and money worthy ways to clean your home, read these 11 great ideas from Indusladies.

1-Use Antiseptic Agents

Most of us do not realize is that the wide range of market ready cleaning products contains similar kinds of cleaning chemicals. As someone who prides herself in keeping a clean house, a germ free house should be your focus.

In this regard, it is extremely important and useful to make use of antiseptic agents like Dettol and Savlon once a while. For the floors, you can mix a couple of teaspoons in the water  used for mopping once every fortnight, while for kitchen tops and other surfaces you can mix it with washing liquid once every few weeks.

2-Reuse Soap Water That Is Used For Other Purposes

This great idea serves the dual benefit of also helping in the task of water conservation too. Although most of us use washing machines around the house these days, if you do happen to soak and hand wash certain types of clothes, you can always reuse the soap water to clean various parts of the toilet, washbasin, drains etc.

3-Reuse Old Or Leftover Pieces Of Soap Bars

If you are one of those who still prefer using traditional soap bars as opposed to liquid body washes, then you can always use the leftover tiny pieces of your soap bars as toilet cleansers. Another effective way to use up every bit of the soap bar without wasting it is by keeping a piece in your toilet’s water tank. Every time you flush, you’ll have soap water draining out to clean the toilet bowl!

4-Mix Body Washes And Detergent For Bathroom Cleaning

The great part about body washes is that they come in a variety of fragrances. On the other hand, clothes or utensil detergent are great for cleaning purposes. Try to mix the two in warm water and use it to clean your bathrooms. You will notice a lovely fragrance and cleaner floor and wall tiles almost instantly.

5-Keep Your Wet Utensils In The Sun

When your kitchen utensils are washed it is common for maids to keep them in a pile until they air-dry before putting them away. However, as a better cleaning tip, it helps to keep them out in the sun to dry. Try to set up a small table outside your house or in the balcony so you can sun-dry your utensils. It will lead to cleaner utensils that are odour free, always.